Most Supportive Sports Bras

If you are like me, you walk through stores and gaze at all the cute, colorful sports bras and wish you could buy one. Well, you COULD buy one...I could buy one. I just couldn't wear it with the expectation of any support whatsoever. For those of us blessed (or cursed) with a little more than others on top, finding a sports bra that offers enough support to prevent two black eyes and a myriad of other possible injuries can be difficult and frustrating, to say the least. I know girls that bought those cute sports bras at discount stores like Walmart or Target, and would layer 3 or 4 of them, hoping for more support. What a sad state of affairs that a woman would have to purchase 4 sports bras to attempt to get a little bit of support to work out!

Well, gone are those days! As with work out clothing, in general, designers and stores are realizing there is a market for larger sized sports bras - but not just larger sizes, sizes that offer real support for larger chests! Having tried numerous bras from $10-$80 in price, I have put together my very favorites in hopes it will help you pick out the right sports bra for you and save you a little agony.

Lane Bryant HIGH-IMPACT MOLDED UNDERWIRE SPORT BRALane Bryant has often been every big girl's BFF. You know you will find something that fits in there. The last few years I haven't found as much to love as I had in the past, but when it comes to their Livi Active line and sports bras, in particular, I am sold. This molded underwire one is definitely one of my very favorites! Comfortable, yet holds the girls in place no matter what you are doing - running, riding horses, jumping - feel free to bounce around with reckless abandon! Your lady lumps will stay firmly in place :)

Another great Lane Bryant product, the MAXIMUM SUPPORT SPORT BRA iconlooks sporty and cute, but holds everything in place, giving you the freedom to enjoy whatever you are doing without worrying about things popping out or bouncing around too much. This bra is awesome for running, jogging, jumping, kickboxing, you name it! This is probably the most worn and used bra I own.

The first sports bra I discovered with the support and fit I needed was Moving Comfort's Maia bra. I had never paid more than $15 for a sports bra, but I had also never had one that held the parts it was designed for in place. At the time, I paid $80 for this bra. But even then, it was 100% worth every penny. It was definitely a game changer and still a bra I love. You can find some good deals on Amazon, or you can go directly to Brooks Running to check a larger array of Moving Comfort bras. There are numerous styles and colors and thankfully, they have gone down in price since I bought my first one!

What about when you just want to lounge around the house or run errands, but not do any actual running? Lane Bryant's MEDIUM IMPACT COOLING NO-WIRE SPORT BRA iconis perfect! So comfy - no wire, cooling material, but it still manages to keep things in place. This is the perfect everyday bra. It also comes in a bunch of different colors!

So there you have it! Give the "best of" bras a shot and let me know what you think! 

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  1. These seem like amazing sports bras. The design and colours are really nice, and I’d love to try them out as well. I know how tough it can be to find a firm and supportive sports bra for larger sized chests. I have 4 bras and only one is a perfect fit while the others need to be worn two at a time.


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