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Hi! Thanks for stopping by this little hodge-podge of fun and info! I am a 911/Police/Fire/Medical Dispatcher, a dog mom to two awesome pooches, and a newlywed, which also now makes me step-mom to a teenage girl. I love to travel - though it doesn't happen nearly enough. I created my blog and site with the idea of having fun and sharing ideas! A place to chat, vent, uplift, and support each other in so many facets of life. You will find info about being a dispatcher, product reviews/tips, lifestyle ideas, recipes, good bargains, and pretty much everything in between. Like hanging out with your friends, you never know what will come up! Click on the Page links on the right side to have a look around!

Thanks again for stopping by. Please check back again (and often) or, better yet, sign up for email updates via the "Subscribe" button on the right - and please, share your feedback and comments! I love to hear from you all!

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