One of the things I have always loved is traveling! Although it seems like anymore, you can go to a completely different city, state, sometimes even country, and they all have the exact same restaurants and stores you have in your own city. So I like to try the places I haven't been to before. Small, hole-in-the-wall restaurants sometimes have the best food. When I travel in a car from one place to the next on a vacation or trip, I love to find the route that is not on the interstate so I can see more of the country or city I am visiting.

Check my blog posts for photos, tips, and experiences from some of the places I have traveled!

What are some of the most beautiful and interesting places you have traveled to?

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  1. True, very true, and another thing too - most of us want to travel abroad, but few of us really even know this wonderful country and continent of ours.


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